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Mmmyum is a studio project that started from our shared love of the independent food and drink scene in Bristol. With only ourselves as clients it has been a really fun process that has taught us a lot about hte challenges of being a client and adapting to rapidly evolving ideas and priorities.

What was initially an internal project has now been opened to the public with full community integration going live in summer 2017. Designed to help encourage everyone to explore their local indepedent food & drink outlets within a community environment and never eat or drink something average again.


We wanted to create a fun brand with lots of light hearted personality. We were building this for a fairly self selecting audience and as none of us would define ourselves as “foodies” despite how much we enjoy good food & drink, we wanted to make sure it steered clear of the usual foodie tropes!

The market seems saturated with endless craft & feminine food blogs, pinterest boards and foodie instagram style brands and we wanted to make sure this captured more of our personalities than that.

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I love the simplicity of it. I've discovered so many places that I've literally walked past and not even noticed were there before!
Daisy - mmmyum user
mmmyum responsive deisng example


The site was built using Laravel and hamburgers.

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Launching in summer 2017 we are yet to have your traditional results to put here but things we have learnt form the process already include:

  1. Lots of interesting new technologies
  2. How hard it is to be a client
  3. How difficult it can be to communicate your enthusiasm about a project to a general public bombarded by new websites they should check out

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