Ensō Experience

Yadda have been working on developing our very own in-house content management system (CMS) Ensō for a little while now. Based on Laravel, Ensō is a modular CMS and will soon become a key platform for the majority of our development work.

Today we are launching our first website based on our Ensō Experience module, the first module of Ensō we are rolling out and one we have developed in partnership with the good people at Zubr VR.

The website is part of Crack magazine’s huge Bjork feature which is hitting all the usual outlets today and can be seen here – bjork.crackmagazine.net.

The site is built with mobile phones and Google cardboard very much in mind so whilst you CAN look at it wherever you like, it is best viewed with both of these if you have them to hand.

Ensō Experience is, as far as we are aware, the first system that allows clients to manage content in the normal way, using a traditional content management system (CMS) that is then displayed within a virtual space.

What does that mean?

Everything you see on the site, including the background, 3D models, images and text can be edited by a client, in the same way that they would update any other modern website. We believe this is an important step towards companies and organisations being able to adopt mobile VR for ongoing campaigns or content delivery rather than one-off micro sites. We hope you enjoy this experience.