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Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill wanted to inspire existing and potential brand and broadcast clients to believe in their vision for the future of advertising and television – and understand why their audience-first approach to data insights, content production and media distribution.

Key objectives:

  • Communicate who Telegraph Hill are
  • Communicate their expertise and position in the industry
  • Makes visitors want to get in touch



Despite the team at Telegraph Hill being happy with their brand, we felt it was holding them back from achieving their goals and so set about refreshing it with new fonts, a new palette and surrounding elements and logo implementations.

The site is designed for maximum impact with bold colours, big imagery and clear messaging.


We built the site to be fully responsive and used SVG animations for the initial logo load and movement.

The rest of the (predominantly) one page site uses CSS transitions to keep the content engaging.

The site is fully editable by Telegraph Hill and we have set up custom content types for


Hosting services and technical consultancy.